About me

The journey has not been linear... TL;DR

Started my career in process/chemical engineering before transitioning those skills to website design; with a heavy emphasis on the technical installations that require large amounts of data like eCommerce, user portals, or learning management systems. As a result, I love creating systems and processes along with organizing information into visual hierarchies like websites.

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My Work

Designed with a purpose.

I have worked with a number of clients, both through agencies and independently, for close to 7 years. Projects have ranged anywhere from one-page landings to nationwide online stores. Take a look at some of my featured projects below, or click the button to see more!

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My passion is working with other individuals who are just as passionate about their own brand and want to see that elevated through their online presence. I am available to develop new freelance projects including websites, eCommerce, online systems, and more.Let's talk & find a fit.